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Does My Dental Crown Need to Be Replaced?

July 13, 2023

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patients at dentist having dental crown placed

Dental crowns serve as a valuable dental restoration, frequently utilized to address various oral issues. Yet, like any dental work, they may eventually require replacement. There are indicators will aid in ensuring your oral health and the longevity of your dental restorations. So, keep reading as we explore four unmistakable signs that can help you determine when it might be time to consider replacing your dental crowns.

Obvious Signs of Wear and Tear

Over time, you might notice wear or damage on your dental crown, impacting its aesthetics and diminishing the beauty of your smile. While this wear can be attributed to the crown’s aging, it could also signal more significant problems, such as bruxism (teeth grinding) or persistent oral hygiene issues.

Your dentist will evaluate the extent of the damage. They will then decide whether replacement is needed to restore both the functionality and appearance of your crown.

Pain or Swelling Around Your Crown

If you encounter discomfort or swelling in the vicinity of a tooth with a crown, it’s crucial to reach out to your dentist without delay. Damaged or fractured crowns can expose the underlying tooth, resulting in sensitivity.

Furthermore, if the crown was placed too high on the tooth, it might cause discomfort or heightened sensitivity while chewing. Prompt dental intervention can effectively tackle these problems, safeguarding your comfort and overall oral health.

Gum Line Recession

Bacteria have a tendency to gather more around a tooth with a crown as compared to a natural tooth, potentially elevating the risk of gum disease. It’s imperative to uphold excellent oral hygiene practices to counteract this effect, highlighting regular brushing, flossing, and the use of an antibacterial mouthwash.

Should you observe gum recession around the crown, it could signal the necessity for a refitting or replacement. This will ensure that your oral health remains in top condition.

The Crown Is Old

If your crown has been in place for a decade or more, it’s advisable to engage in a discussion with your dentist regarding potential replacement, even in the absence of apparent damage. The passage of time can introduce potential concerns, and while some crowns can endure for 15 years or longer with proper care, it’s wise to have your dentist monitor their condition.

Moreover, it’s worth exploring whether some insurance plans cover the cost of crown replacement. If not, speak with your dentist about the other options they have available, such as financing through CareCredit.

In summary, taking proactive measures to oversee and uphold the well-being of your dental crown is paramount for its durability and your oral health. Regular dental check-ups and transparent communication with your dentist can help identify any issues early and address them promptly, ensuring that your smile is healthy and confident!

About the Practice

Summit Family Dentistry, under the expert care of Dr. Dinesh Patel, is dedicated to serving patients in the Waterford area. Dr. Patel takes great satisfaction in assisting patients in attaining vibrant and healthy smiles. Among the treatments provided are solutions to restore and enhance the appearance of teeth, including the use of dental crowns to repair damage or decay. If you have any questions concerning dental crowns or suspect that your crown may require replacement, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Summit Family Dentistry at (814) 923-4510 or visit their website.

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