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Teeth Whitening

Restores That Youthful Glow

Woman with beautiful smile

Investing in a professional teeth whitening treatment is a great way to love your smile. Dr. Dinesh Patel, your cosmetic dentist, is pleased to offer our patients at-home whitening that can break through severe stains to help you grin with true confidence. An at-home whitening treatment is completed over the course of 2 weeks at a gradual pace that can help reduce the sensitivity that is so common with other teeth whitening treatments. In addition, Dr. Patel prescribes a high-fluoridated toothpaste to use in conjunction with whitening that will aid in reducing sensitivity.

You can choose to whiten just your top teeth or do your top and bottom for the brightest results. To set you up for your customized treatment, Dr. Patel will have trays created specifically for your teeth. You will fill these trays, which fit tightly around your teeth, with a powerful bleaching solution and wear them for approximately half an hour before you go to bed. We advise doing your whitening at night after you brush your teeth because your teeth will be more prone to absorbing stains from what you eat and drink immediately after treatment.

Perform your whitening as directed and you should see a difference almost immediately. Continue through the entire treatment, usually about 2 weeks, to get the most dramatic results. Most people can enjoy their new, dazzling white smiles for many months — or maybe even years if they are able to stay away from highly pigmented foods and beverages and maintain consistent oral hygiene practices.

Are you interested in getting a professional teeth whitening treatment? If so, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Summit Family Dentistry. Most adult patients are eligible for this treatment, and many teens can undergo it as well. We can’t wait to help our Erie County friends and neighbors smile with dazzling confidence thanks to professional teeth whitening!