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UPMC Dental Insurance – Waterford, PA

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Did you know your oral health relies on more than just your toothbrush and floss? The American Dental Association also recommends you visit your dentist at least twice a year for a cleaning and checkup. The dental services you receive are crucial for preserving the health of your teeth and gums. It’s easier than ever to get the comprehensive care you need by choosing a UPMC dentist in Waterford. You’ll enjoy discounted rates using your monthly investment to ensure your smile stays healthy.

UPMC Coverage Availability & Fees

Insurance form for UPMA dentist in Waterford.

Dental insurance focuses on prevention to stop common oral health issues from occurring in the first place. Research shows every $1 spent on prevention can save as much as $50 on restorative care. By paying your monthly insurance premiums, you can visit your dentist regularly to invest in a healthy smile. If a complication arises, you can use your dental insurance in Waterford to resolve the problem without fearing a large bill. Although every plan is unique, most policies include:

  • 100% coverage for preventive services
  • 80% coverage for minor restorative services
  • 50% coverage for major restorative services

UPMC offers multiple options for affordable dental coverage. Paying your monthly premiums allows you to enjoy a variety of benefits to offset the amount you need to pay out-of-pocket. Besides preventive services, you’re also given a yearly allowance to use toward restorative treatments after reaching your annual deductible.

At the end of the calendar year, your plan will expire. You won’t be reimbursed for anything you don’t use, and nothing will carry over for accumulation. With less than 3% of Americans meeting their annual limits, it’s best to visit your dentist often to avoid throwing money down the drain.

To make the most of your plan, UPMC recommends you choose a dentist who is in their network because they have pre-negotiated rates. You can still use your benefits to visit an out-of-network dentist to enjoy more flexibility with your treatments. Our office works with both in-network and out-of-network patients to help you utilize your coverage without breaking the bank.

If you’re ready to achieve a healthy smile without an outrageous bill, contact our office today for an appointment.