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4 Common Dental Flaws & How They’re Treated

June 3, 2022

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Woman pointing to her smile.

Are you unhappy with how your smile looks? Your situation isn’t hopeless; cosmetic dentistry can offer plenty of solutions to address various aesthetic flaws that might be present in your smile. Keep reading to learn more about four of the most common cosmetic flaws that patients experience, along with some of the ways that they can be treated.

1. Stained Teeth

If you’re a regular coffee fiend or enjoy other foods and drinks that contain staining agents, you might suffer from a stained and discolored smile. Sometimes this discoloration is also a result of more serious oral health issues or underlying conditions. However, professional teeth whitening treatments are one of the most sought-after cosmetic dental treatments available and can effectively address stained teeth no matter the cause. Your dentist can perform in-office whitening or send you home with a kit containing professional-grade gels and trays; both methods get the job done.

2. Chipped, Cracked, or Fractured Teeth

If you have chipped, cracked, or fractured teeth, you might feel like your smile needs a lot of extra help. But these issues are more common than you might realize and are quite easy to treat. Options like porcelain veneers, which are thin sheets of dental porcelain applied to the outer surfaces of teeth, are top of the line when it comes to improving the appearance of one or multiple teeth. Cosmetic bonding can offer a solution that precisely masks minor, targeted flaws in teeth using a composite, tooth-colored resin.

3. Misshapen Teeth

Teeth aren’t naturally a perfect shape; sometimes for genetic reasons or trauma caused by conditions like bruxism, your teeth can become misshapen which is problematic for your bite and facial structure. This can sometimes cause TMJ problems and make you look older. However, cosmetic bonding can be used to address this issue. Recontouring is also an option, in which some of your enamel is filed down to match your other teeth.

4. Crooked Smile

Sometimes your teeth might be misaligned and crooked, which doesn’t just result in an awkward smile; it can also negatively affect your bite and inhibit your ability to properly clean your teeth! This results in an increased risk of cavities, gum disease, and other nasty problems. But fortunately, orthodontic treatment options like Invisalign can correct those crooked teeth and restore your smile to a healthy state. Traditional braces are also a tried-and-true method, and even porcelain veneers can give your teeth a straighter appearance.

There are many different flaws that can affect the health and beauty of your smile. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry offers many viable solutions that are certain to get things back on track.

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