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3 Reasons to Get a Root Canal Even When Your Tooth Stops Hurting

April 8, 2022

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Since scheduling root canal therapy with your dentist, your toothache might have faded on its own. In that situation, you might believe you don’t need treatment anymore and should cancel your appointment. After all, if you’re no longer in pain, that means the problem resolved itself, right?

Unfortunately, that’s an incorrect answer. Even if your toothache is gone, you probably still need root canal therapy. For those wanting to know why that’s the case, read on to learn why toothaches go away and how root canals can apply regardless.

Why a Toothache Might Go Away

A toothache’s disappearance usually depends on whether the pain was mild or moderate.

In mild toothaches, the pain was probably caused by something minor. It’s often due to conditions like gum recession that can improve with a dentist’s aid and solid oral hygiene. On the other hand, small pains that come and go usually indicate a tiny cavity that’s only starting to be symptomatic.

Meanwhile, moderate to severe toothaches stem from significant issues. They often indicate that your tooth’s nerve is badly inflamed, infected by a cavity, or suffering tooth trauma. If this type of toothache goes away, it’s usually because the nerve died from infection.

You Still Need a Root Canal for Tooth Infections

If an infection caused your toothache, you’d still need a root canal. Without treatment, your condition will spread to your tooth’s surrounding bone, making an invasive tooth extraction necessary.

Fortunately, dentists can remove the infected tooth’s pulp — its innermost nerves, tissue, and blood vessels — with root canal therapy. That way, you’ll be able to avoid more invasive and expensive future treatments like tooth extraction, dental implants, and more.

You Still Need a Root Canal for Tooth Damage

If your tooth needs repair, you could still need a root canal regardless of pain level.

For instance, a damaged tooth may not support dental crown placement. A dentist, then, will have to put a post inside it for the crowning, which will only be possible after a root canal exposes the tooth’s interior.

You Still Need a Root Canal for Filling Decay

Root canals can be necessary to treat old, decayed fillings. While such fillings are sometimes restored with a dental crown, they often require removal. Once again, though, a dental crown could only be placed once root canal therapy is applied.

Tooth pain (or lack thereof) shouldn’t be the only factor you look at when deciding on professional dental care.  Given the above reasons, it’d be better if you saw your dental practitioner — you wouldn’t want to experience something worse than a toothache!

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