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Did Your Child Knock Out a Tooth? Here’s What You Should Do

August 4, 2021

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child holding up knocked out tooth

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning, the perfect weather for your little one’s soccer game. You watch as they run after the ball, cheering them on with every step they take. Suddenly, the ball hits them in the face, and they let out a shrill scream. Oh no – they knocked out a tooth! It’s unsettling for both parties, but rest assured, the situation can easily be resolved if you stay calm. Your emergency dentist in Waterford explains what to do if your child knocks out a tooth.

What to Do When a Baby Tooth Is Knocked Out

When a traumatic injury occurs, baby teeth can easily knock out because they’re not permanently rooted into the jawbone. So, if your child knocks out a baby tooth, don’t worry about locating and preserving it, as your dentist will not replace it. Doing so could damage the permanent tooth that’s developing underneath it.

In this scenario, your primary concern is to stop the bleeding and examine them for additional injuries. Have your child rinse their mouth out with water to wash away excess blood and debris. Then, have them bite down on gauze or a clean washcloth soaked in cold water to help reduce swelling and stop bleeding. After diffusing the situation, contact your emergency dentist and schedule a visit. They will check your child’s remaining teeth for damage and assess any gum or lip injuries.  

What to Do When a Permanent Tooth Is Knocked Out

Now, if your child’s permanent tooth is knocked out, the situation gets a bit more complicated. However, remaining calm is the key to handling it properly and with ease. Once you’ve had a chance to assess the situation, here’s what you should do:

  • First and foremost, focus on consoling your child and stopping the bleeding. As mentioned earlier, have your child bite down on a paper towel or cold washcloth to control any bleeding or swelling.
  • Then, locate the tooth and reinsert it into the socket if possible. Be sure to only hold the tooth by the crown (top part that’s usually visible in the mouth), not the root. If it’s dirty, gently rinse it with warm water before pushing it back into the socket. Have your child hold it in place until you reach your emergency dentist.
  • Are you unable to reinsert the tooth? No worries – place it in a cup of cold milk or saltwater instead. It needs to stay moist while you transport it to the office. Otherwise, your dentist may not be able to save it.
  • Once you have the tooth situation handled, contact your emergency dentist right away and schedule a visit. Time is precious in this matter – the sooner you seek help, the better chance they have of saving the tooth.

You can take every safety precaution in the book, and an injury can still occur. If your child knocked out a tooth, stay calm and follow the steps outlined above. Before you know it, they’ll be back on the soccer field, running around as if nothing happened!

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At Summit Family Dentistry, our goal is to build meaningful and long-lasting relationships with you and your family. We strive to create a warm, relaxing, and compassionate environment that your family can enjoy and look forward to. We understand dental emergencies can happen when you least expect them to, which is why we offer fast and effective dental care. If your child knocked out a tooth, contact our team and we’ll resolve the situation in no time. Visit our website or call (814) 923-4510 to schedule an appointment.

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